About VKRS Music

VKRS was established in early 2010. We first established our netlabel at this time with a policy that would be open to electronic music in all it's musical flavours. The VKRS netlabel touches many different genres and as part of the netlabel we release our Purespace compilations collection featuring Artists from around the globe in album and EP digital download format.

VKRS Radio streams mainly underground electronic music 24/7 and has a foundation at it's core of showcasing selected tracks from Netlabel, Creative Commons, Copyleft and Independent Electronic Artists. Tune into VKRS Radio with iTunes under the radio directory : Electronica, or tune in with your player by visiting Radio.VKRSmusic.com.

Our VKRS DJ releases are DJ sets released under a Creative Commons License featuring tracks from mainly netlabel artists. If you’re a DJ mixing netlabel / creative commons tracks or an artist/netlabel releasing into the digital boiling pot, get in touch with us by contacting us via our contact page.

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